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Can a Broken Loose Tooth Be Saved ?

Losing a tooth unexpectedly, whether through an accident or injury, can be a distressing experience. However, it doesn’t have to mark the end of your smile. Factors like the time the tooth was out, its condition, and any associated injuries play a role in the possibility of successful replantation. By following essential guidelines on handling, storing, and replanting the tooth, you can significantly increase the chances of restoring it to your smile. Topeka Oral Surgery explores the possibility of saving a broken loose tooth or replacing it with a dental implant in this blog.

Handling Tips

Act swiftly when dealing with a knocked-out tooth; time is crucial. Start by ensuring the tooth’s preservation and protection, as this significantly impacts the chance of successful replantation. You can place the tooth in milk, balanced salt solution, your cheek, or saline. The goal is to reimplant immediately but if cannot then keep the tooth moist and seek a provider to reimplant the avulsed tooth within hours.

Here are key tips to remember:

Handle with care:

Avoid touching the delicate roots; instead, hold the tooth by its crown, the chewing surface to minimize trauma to the root surface or contamination.

Rinse gently:

If the tooth is dirty, rinse it with water while handling the chewing surface. Avoid soap, chemicals, or vigorous scrubbing to prevent further damage.

Proper storage is vital to enhance the likelihood of successful replantation. There are several options available:

Cheek placement:

Keep the tooth gently next to your cheek to maintain moisture and prevent drying out. This method is effective if you can promptly see your emergency dentist or oral surgeon.

Saliva preservation:

If placing the tooth in your mouth isn't feasible, store it in a clean container covered with saliva. Saliva helps maintain moisture and vitality until dental care is sought.

Emergency preservation kit:

If other options aren't possible, use an emergency tooth preservation kit from pharmacies. These kits provide an optimal environment for short-term storage, maximizing chances of successful replantation.

Immediate Dental Attention

After rinsing and storing the tooth, seek prompt dental attention. An oral surgeon or dentist specializing in emergency care can replant the tooth if it’s healthy and uninfected.
Though losing a tooth can be emotionally challenging, remember that there are options available, and caring professionals are ready to assist you through the restoration process. Contact an oral surgeon specializing in facial trauma promptly to schedule a replantation visit. Time is critical; delaying care increases the risk of irreversible damage and requires a dental implant to replace the avulsed tooth. Topeka Oral Surgery offers advanced solutions for facial trauma, including replanting knocked-out teeth or replacing lost teeth with dental implants when replantation isn’t feasible. Contact Topeka Oral Surgery today to begin your healing journey together.

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