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How Soon After Wisdom Teeth Removal Can You Return to Work?

At Topeka Oral Surgery, we understand the significance of a smooth recovery process after wisdom teeth removal. With approximately 5 million Americans undergoing this routine procedure annually, our focus remains on ensuring a swift recovery recuperation period. While the procedure itself is common, we prioritize providing support for patients during the temporary adjustments to diet, work commitments, and exercise routines. 

For those anticipating wisdom teeth extraction, gauging the duration of recovery necessary to resume daily activities may vary based on the complexity of the procedure.

Dietary Considerations After Wisdom Teeth Removal:

Immediate post-procedure, abstain from consuming any food or beverages to allow blood clots to form, safeguarding against infection and complications. Ideally wait 1-2 hrs after the procedure to ensure hemostasis to the surgical sites prior to introducing liquids and medications.

During the initial week of recovery, opt for soft and liquid nourishment while steering clear of sticky, sugary, chewy, crunchy, spicy, or acidic foods.
Recommended foods include yogurt, smoothies, mashed potatoes, and applesauce. Conversely, candies, caramels, chocolates, chips, pretzels, and similar items should be avoided.

Avoid beverages like coffee, alcohol, and carbonation which could provoke irritation at the surgical site, and refrain from using straws, which can dislodge blood clots. You can start to use straws after day 5.

Although individual healing varies, most individuals can resume their regular diet within one to two weeks.

Return to Work After Wisdom Teeth Removal:

The downtime post wisdom teeth extraction is generally brief, permitting a return to work or school within a few days to minimize disruption to one’s routine.
To optimize healing, it’s advisable to allocate a full 2-3 days for rest before resuming most daily activities. Simple actions such as talking, lifting, bending, and driving carry the risk of dislodging blood clots, potentially leading to dry socket—a painful complication predisposing the extraction sites to infection.

Engaging in Physical Activity After Wisdom Teeth Removal:

Topeka Oral Surgery suggests waiting at least seven days post-procedure before engaging in exercise or sports activities. This timeline may vary based on the complexity of the surgery, the number of teeth extracted, and the intensity of the desired physical activity.

Exercise elevates blood pressure, increasing the body’s demand for circulation. While regular physical activity is beneficial, premature exertion post-extraction can result in excessive bleeding from the extraction sites and prolonged healing.

Individuals with a regular exercise regimen are advised to consult with Dr. Streelman before surgery for tailored guidance as it may vary.

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