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What Can I Eat After Full Dental Implants?

Dental Implant Diet

After undergoing dental implant procedures, it’s crucial to be mindful of your diet to promote proper healing and prevent infection. The implant sites require sufficient time to heal, allowing the implant posts to fully integrate into your jawbone. Consequently, it’s advisable to refrain from chewing directly on the implant site to avoid any potential complications. Ideally you want to eat on the other side of your mouth for two weeks to give the surgical site time to heal.

Below is a guide on what to eat following your treatment at Topeka Oral Surgery & Dental Implants:

Recommended Foods:

During the initial stages of recovery, stick to soft foods to minimize the need for extensive chewing. On the first day post-treatment, focus on consuming very soft or liquid foods to alleviate any discomfort and reduce the risk of inadvertently disturbing the implant. Suitable options include:
As you progress through the recovery process, gradually introduce slightly more solid foods that require minimal chewing, such as:
After two weeks you can gradually reintroduce chewier foods like meat or raw vegetables. However, continue to avoid chewing on the implant site to minimize unnecessary forces onto the implant while it is integrating with the bone.

Foods to Avoid:

To safeguard the healing process and prevent potential complications, steer clear of certain types of foods, including:
Avoiding foods that require vigorous chewing, like crusty bread or tough meats, is essential to prevent any disruption to the healing process. Ultimately, after two weeks you should be able to return to a normal diet.

Importance of Dietary Choices:

During the recovery period after your dental implant procedure at Topeka Oral Surgery & Dental Implants, it’s essential to avoid high-sugar foods. These not only increase the risk of infection but can also hinder the success of your implant by fostering the growth of harmful bacteria in your mouth.


At your 3 month follow up we will evaluate your implant and soft tissue to make sure it is healthy and stable enough to be restored. No diet changes are necessary at this time.

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