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Why Can't I Keep My Wisdom Teeth?

During adolescence or early adulthood, most individuals will experience the emergence of their wisdom teeth, commonly known as third molars. However, due to limited space in the jawbone, these molars often pose a problem. Left unattended, they frequently result in long-term complications such as biting of the cheek, a periodontal defect, cysts and tumors in the jaw, and soft tissue impingement with eating. Opting for proactive removal of wisdom teeth can significantly enhance your long-term comfort, convenience, and overall quality of life. At Topeka Oral Surgery, we specialize in wisdom teeth removal to ensure your lasting comfort and well-being.
A common query among patients is whether wisdom teeth must be extracted or if there are instances where they can remain in place without causing issues. Essentially, the question arises: Is wisdom teeth removal universally recommended or reserved for specific cases? We believe it depends and varies case by case.

The Issue with Wisdom Teeth

For the majority, the eruption of wisdom teeth presents potential health risks that could jeopardize oral health. These risks include tooth and gum infections, teeth misalignment, cysts, and bone deterioration. Advising preventive removal of wisdom teeth is common practice, offering a means to evade these risks entirely and safeguard the enduring health of your smile. At a younger age the root of the tooth is less developed and thus the procedure will be of a surgical burden to the patient. In addition, at a younger age your regenerative and healing potential is quite high.

However, there are rare instances where wisdom teeth emerge without causing health complications. Roughly two percent of the U.S. population can retain their wisdom teeth without adverse effects. Hence, it’s crucial to undergo a consultation with an oral surgeon like Topeka Oral Surgery to assess the necessity of wisdom teeth removal. The surgeon will meticulously evaluate any indications and symptoms to determine whether your teeth need to be removed. However, for the vast majority, wisdom teeth removal serves as a proactive measure, averting potentially severe dental issues in the future.

Explore the Advantages of Wisdom Teeth Removal

For insights into your specific need for wisdom teeth removal and to understand the advantages associated with the procedure, we encourage scheduling a consultation with Topeka Oral Surgery

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