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Why Does a Tooth Need to Be Extracted ?

Every oral surgeon strives to preserve your natural teeth for as long as possible, ideally for your entire life. However, certain circumstances may arise where a tooth is too damaged or diseased to save, necessitating extraction and replacement. At Topeka Oral Surgery, our tooth extractions prioritize your comfort and safety. 

When Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Risk of Infection

The primary reason for tooth extraction is when a tooth’s health deteriorates to the point where it endangers surrounding teeth. Severe tooth decay can lead to bacterial spread to the gums, jawbone, and even the body. A compromised tooth may be beyond saving, posing a risk of infection to the rest of your mouth if left untreated. Your dentist will commonly refer you to our clinic for an extraction if they think the tooth is not restorable.


Teeth may also require extraction as part of orthodontic treatment. If your smile lacks adequate space for proper tooth alignment, an oral surgeon can collaborate with your orthodontist to remove specific teeth to help make space for the ideal smile. This prevents issues like crowding, which can affect smile aesthetics and lead to long-term complications.


Impacted teeth, trapped under gum or bone, often necessitate extraction. Wisdom teeth are commonly extracted due to impaction, but other teeth can also become impacted. While oral surgeons typically attempt to facilitate the emergence of impacted teeth, extraction may be unavoidable in certain cases.

Additionally, tooth extraction may be necessary for full-mouth restoration to accommodate an implant-supported denture or fixed prosthesis, a service provided by Topeka Oral Surgery.

Maintain a Full, Healthy Smile through Comprehensive Oral Care

At Topeka Oral Surgery, our mission is to preserve your natural teeth whenever possible. When extraction is necessary, we can often remove the non-viable tooth and replace it with a dental implant, ideally on the same day if possible, ensuring you maintain a full, healthy smile. Explore further information about tooth extractions on our website or simply schedule a consultation to learn more.

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